Company Overview

BluDog Organic Produce Services, headquartered in Ben Lomond, Ca., is an educational and strategic market support company that helps small scale and beginning organic farmers get the food from farm to market, while supporting forward stewardship of the environment and it’s community through sustainable agricultural methodologies.

About the Founder of BluDog Organic Produce Services

Dina Izzo, owner and founder of BluDog Organic Produce Services, has had a 30 year career in the organic produce industry. Her experience includes management/purchasing in the retail sector with several stores including locally owned chain New Leaf Community Markets headquartered Santa Cruz. Dina's wholesale experience includes nine years with Veritable Vegetable in San Francisco and six years as creator/general manager of ALBA Organics, a wholesale distribution company focused on family scale organic farms in the  SalinasValley. Dina is the founder of Bludog Organic Produce Services, a consulting firm serving small-scale and beginning farmers that works to create and execute marketing plans and strategies for an economically viable business.


It is our mission to teach small scale organic farmers forward thinking business practices through understanding the impact of basic marketing techniques while creating financial welfare for our local and rural communities and their urban counter parts.


It is our vision to be part of the community and an organization that farmers trust. We believe forward thinking stewardship of our environment protects the culture of agriculture. We believe the economy must serve the environment - not the other way around.  In staying true to this vision, we will find & develop opportunities where the power of community, green businesses and organic farming comes together to create exceptional value for local communities & our planet.


  • We are honored to share what we have learned and always welcome new trains of though and ideas
  • We are honest, candid & fact-based.
  • We will be tough on the problem yet soft with each person, resource and  mother earth.
  • We believe we are responsible and we are responsible
  • Our efforts are measurably effective and foster forward stewardship of our land and the people who live and work on it.
  • Community involvement is part of our heart
  • We believe the power of food is something that unites and strengthens us as a community and as people. It is best served in the hands of organic growers who understand the earth and respect it.