Ouroboros Farms


To grow and distribute affordable, highly nutritious, organic vegetables for restaurants, farmers markets and families. To make our product readily available in areas with limited access to organic produce.


The Ouroboros Farms greenhouse and aquaculture facility is located in Pescadero, California. Our current operation is 40,000 square feet and will expand to a total of 100,000 square feet and is within a six acre greenhouse imported from Holland. All of our produce is grown using organic and permaculture farming methods. Aquaponics uses approximately 90% less water than soil based farming and noneĀ of the chemical based fertilizer or pest controls allowed in traditional organic farming. All of our water is rain harvested or sourced from a nearby natural spring. All produce related by-product is vermicomposted and used to supplement fish based nutrients in the form of aerated vermi-compost tea. We supplement our electricity with solar energy and are working towards a 100% solar powered zero waste operation.