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These three videos are a must for any serious, or beginning, aquaponic gardener.  "Made Easy" and "Secrets" each runs approximately 90 minutes and "DIY" runs for a full two hours.  The are all shot in Murray Hallam's own backyard aquaponics environment featuring Murray himself.  Gorgeous video quality and exceptionally detailed, useful information.

Aquaponics Made Easy includes:

  • Setting up an auto-siphon
  • How to set up and plant a grow bed
  • Cycling the system
  • How to test your system and what to look for
  • How to tell when a system is truly balanced
  • Fish and plant selection and care
  • Building a bath tub system

Aquaponic Secrets includes:

  • Discussion of grow bed zones
  • The use of vertical space
  • Growing fruit trees in aquaponic systems
  • Tips on fish care including stress and salt baths
  • How to keep your tank clean and well aerated
  • Murray's personal seed starting technique
  • Different system types, including his CHOP system design (constant height one pump), auto siphon learnings, and his new raft system design.
  • Commercial aquaponics.
DIY Aquaponics includes:

  • An hour of Murray showing you step-by-step how to build your own 3 bed aquaponic system using IBC totes
  • A second hour called "Aquaponics:The First Twelve Months" that explains how to look after your aquaponics system from start to harvesting your fish
  • BONUS: The plans for building the IBC system from the DIY section in a downloadable PDF!

Purchasing the TRIPLE set saves you $7 and reduces your shipping costs

"Made Easy" and "Secrets" are in PAL format.  While DVDs in this format will not work on most U.S. video players, they will work on your PC or Mac and the very latest multi format DVD players.

"DIY" is in the NTSC format that works on all video players.



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